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Sample solution: Live catalogs on Simple System

Starting position

Henry White, the purchasing manager at Industrial Ltd., would like to shop at Miller Ltd. electronically. Like other suppliers, Miller should make its catalog available on the "Simple System" platform. It is important for Mr. White that Miller only displays the negotiated articles and prices as of the master agreement, and that an order is also delivered with the Smith order number in order to simplify the allocation of the delivery lateron.


Miller Ltd. uses the Multichannel Connector in addition to MeDaPro & Co. to make all interfaces available to the outside world. In this way, Simple System can not only display Miller's catalog data and filter the articles for the specific industrial company, but also display them live in the desired structure and with the prices from the agreed framework agreement. Industrial Ltd. gives the order number to the Multichannel Connector via Simple System, which returns it to Miller's ERP with the help of ConnectPro. If desired, it can be printed on order confirmations and delivery notes.

Products used

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