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Sample solution: Make documents available online

Starting position

The customers of Miller Ltd. order on different channels: from the shop, by phone or fax. Very frequently there are calls if an offer or delivery note can be resent because the original document has been laid. Miller Ltd. has assigned an employee to cope with this but who is planned to do other work in the future.


Miller Ltd. link their internet shop with the ERP seamlessly. So documents that are generated or stored can be visualized in the shop for each customer. The customer can review his orders on the web anytime, no matter whether he placed them by fax, telephone or the internet. Individual order items can be selected from offers and ordered, regardless of the business hours of Miller Ltd..

Products used

  • Product Information Management System: MeDaPro
  • internet shop: TradePro
  • Representing your customer's documents in the shop: TradePro ERP Direct
  • Connection to the ERP system, exchange of electronic business documents: ConnectPro

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