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Sample solution: Catalog on CD

Starting position

Miller Ltd. supplies technical products to many small craft businesses. Usually their orders are received by fax, because small businesses often have no internet connection. Many orders are preceeded by frequent phone calls due product inquiries. Miller Ltd. is now looking for a better solution, as the order process needs be facilitated for both sides.


Miller Ltd. creates an interactive catalog that can be used without internet connection. It is automatically output from the product information management system as a PDF catalog and written to data carriers (USB memory sticks or CD/DVD disks) - this will not just save time, but shipping costs too.

In addition to the prices, the catalog contains all product information from Miller Ltd., as well as interactive content and a keyword directory. Catalog items can be moved to the order form by a mouse click - the order form can be printed out easily after completion of the information and faxed to the order hotline. So a customer can issue orders conveniently without any internet connection. As a side effect data entry errors when entering orders to the order form manually are avoided.

Products used

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