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Sample solution: BMEcat for major customers

Starting position

Miller Ltd. has many small craft companies as customers, but also some large companies that order their technical products in large numbers. The Cars Ltd., a good customer of Miller, has now made it condition that Miller sends a BMEcat catalog monthly with its current assortment to integrate it into the purchasing environment of Cars Ltd.. The sales manager has also addressed the managing director several times, whether he wouldn't finally offer the assortment in a marketplace on the Internet.


All products once created in the product information management system can be easily exported to an electronic catalog, e.g. to BMEcat format. For this purpose, the contents of the database are written to the target fields of the desired output format or dialect by means of a mapping (an input-to-output assignment).

Via ConnectPro, orders made from a purchasing system or by a marketplace can be returned to the ERP system of Miller Ltd.. All data up to the invoice can be transferred paperless.

Products used

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