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Sample solution: Adding items to the Internet shop

Starting position

In addition to their paper catalogs, Miller Ltd. also want to put a shop on the Internet where all customers can conveniently order their products using individually negotiated prices. It is important that same product descriptions and photos are used throughout the whole shop.

To save money and time, the clerks should be able to maintain the editorial content for themselves. Some major customers may want to issue orders using their own desktop purchasing system or ensure their warehouses stay filled by scanning incoming and outgoing goods. Finally, all orders incoming for Miller should be forwarded to sales and shipping depts.


Miller chose TradePro as their shops software, then Millers product information management system can provide the data to TradePro directly, so all publications will be origined from a single source. Customer prices and editorial content can be conveniently edited using the management console on the internet, and the TradePro CMS will help persons without programming knowledge to create valuable content.

The OCI interface allows for direct access from SAP to the TradePro. With USB scanners, the warehouse clerks can indeed record all goods movements, so all incoming materials will be transferred into the shop as being "now available" immediately. Orders, no matter how they were received, can be forwarded by means of either standard emails or the connector software, which will transfer them to sales and shipping depts automatically.

Products used

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