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Sample solution: Buyer-specific catalogs

Starting point

Miller Ltd. operates the sales channels paper catalog and internet shop, through which its customers can order conveniently. The shopper's shopping experience is to be linked with the advantages of both channels. The paper catalog is a faithful companion of the field staff when serving commercial customers. Regular customers receive individual catalogs and price lists with offers in a regular fashion.

The Internet shop is expected to support selecting products and presenting news from the portfolio. Sales force and buyers should create specific catalogs and price lists in the company's own layout via the Internet shop.


Miller Ltd. uses a central product information management system to fill the Internet shop. Master data is transferred to ERP management and customer-specific prices and article numbers are retrieved from there in return. The customer's own layouts for catalogs and price lists are built by the sales staff using FastPage. By the FastPage server, the selected items can be output from the Internet shop to PDFs using buyer-specific catalogs and price list layouts.

Products used

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