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TradePro Scan

With TradePro Scan, we offer you the opportunity to significantly accelerate your delivery process, thus saving time and costs. Just read missing items from stock with a scanner.

Simply scan and order article

Through the optimal integration of TradePro Scan into the Internet-Shop TradePro, after connecting the mobile scanner to a PC, all scanned articles are transferred to the shopping cart in just a few seconds. There, the order can be adjusted on request and confirmed by a mouse click. So it is possible to shorten the ordering process by more than 70% time - for your customers a great value and for you a real competitive advantage.

Create your own labels with Fastpage

The production of labels can be easily handled by MeDaPro Fastpage. The required data is taken from the customer base of the internet shop TradePro automatically; all that's left to you is to add the respective order quantities. The sophisticated barcode system stores article numbers and order quantities by only one operation of the mobile scanner.

  1. reliable control of inventories and determination of order quantities
  2. capture of goods to be ordered by scanner and barcode
  3. easy transfer of the captured data to TradePro
  4. delivery can start right after the order confirmation

The benefits at a glance:

  • transparent and consise warehouse organization
  • efficient ERP without time-consuming manual transactions
  • no tedious collecting of items to order
  • absolutely safe disposition
  • low introductory costs

Your order data is available on adhesive labels as well as on double-sided slide-ins for shelf boxes. The fronts of these comprise same data as the adhesive labels. By simply turning and pushing the sliders, articles will be marked as "ordered".

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Solution Example

Reorder items from stock

The warehouse worker gets a keychain USB scanner to carry when walking the warehouse to read the labels of the posted articles. After the tour, the scanner is connected to the PC, and the order will be transferred to the shopping cart of the shop. There it can be verified and supplemented before it is finally sent to Miller electronically.

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