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TradePro Payment

You'd like to not just let your customers choose between prepayment and purchase on account ?
Do you want to retain customers who came across your shop by chance, who would like to order quickly and easily, but also do a secure purchase ?

Internet Shop: Online Payment

With TradePro Payment, we offer a meaningful extension for all of our shops customers who want to extend their payment portfolio and put on a professional provider. With our partner companies, in addition to the common connections to credit card services as Visa, Mastercard, etc., we also allow for PAYPAL payments in your shop. There will be no risk for your customer: all transmissions base on encrypted data transfers always. For you, the benefit is clear: no annoying waiting for the receipt of payment. So TradePro Payment implements a benefit for all sides.


  • all usual credit cards as VISA, MasterCard, American Express
  • line to PayPal
  • direct debit payments
  • secure payment at any time by encrypted transmission of all data

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Solution Example

Enable spontaneous purchases

Managing Director Thomas Miller wants to expand the online strategy of the webshop. He wants to address more people than his regular customers, but also arbitrary visitors to the website should buy the products of Miller Ltd.. Nevertheless, he wants to make sure to only sell to solvent customers.

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