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TradePro Open Connect

TradePro OpenConnect is to ease the configuration of product properties. To order complex articles becomes more simplified and accelerated. The system can be individually adapted to your companies needs by a free choice of speech, appearance and product information.

TradePro OpenConnect is connected to TradePro with a standard interface. In this way, the items configured by the customer are transferred to the shopping cart with all the desired properties. The order can then be placed as usual. The order is then sent to you by e-mail or via a direct link to the merchandise management system.

With TradePro OpenConnect it is thus possible to structure large product assortments in a meaningful way by letting your customers add the desired properties for an article themselves.

Figure 1
Figure 1

The highlights:

  • integrate custom modules to the standard shop
  • easily configure all products having a high complexity

In our example (see Figure 1), customers can add blanks of materials or materials made to measure to the shopping cart and order them.

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Solution Example

Configure and order products online

TradePro OpenConnect makes it possible to determine certain attributes of an article in the Internet shop itself. The article number is generated dynamically based on customer input and then added to the shopping cart. OpenConnect restricts the amount of almost identical products and thus significantly increases the clarity for the customer. The data maintenance must only be made for the basic types.

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