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TradePro OCI-Connector

Internet Shop: OCI connection - directly from SAP order with the TradePro OCI connector. The integration with SAP is easy thanks to the interface already integrated in TradePro. The content of the shopping cart is transferred to the SAP system directly from TradePro. This makes it possible to connect TradePro to different customers / platforms  at the same time.

The advantages:

  • no article data care on the customers side
  • Customer sees his agreed prices and articles
  • The order process from the SAP system remains untouched
  • in TradePro different catalogs can be made available
  • connection to SAP, Ariba, CommerceOne via OCI interface or punchout / roundtrip
  • validate function
  • UNECE codes can be specified by SAP freely

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Solution Example

Major customer wants to order from SAP

The TradePro OCI interface allows access to the Internet shop directly from SAP. All products appear as defined by them for the Internet shop. The order is handed over from the shopping cart directly to SAP and can proceed to pass the usual release processes.

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