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TradePro Newsletter

Frequently inform your customers about news, product innovations and offers - not just on their website. With the TradePro newsletter, you will more engage in conversation at your customers.
TradePro Newsletter
TradePro Newsletter

E-mail Marketing

The TradePro Newsletter module is fully integrated into the TradePro Management Console. We will help you to create the required templates. You will edit and publish all content with the TradePro CMS. You can create as many newsletters as you like and also decide when to publish them for yourself. The rugged and professional tool includes functions to import and export address lists, create distribution groups, and in extent to the standard functions such as personalization and timed transmission of HTML messages as a side effect it assists functions such as duplicate testing, real-time statistics and returns management.

TradePro Newsletter: the marketing tool
TradePro Newsletter: the marketing tool

The benefits at a glance:

  • unlimited many e-mail lists
  • unlimited number of templates thanks to TradePro CMS
  • import and export of address data, target customer groups lists etc.
  • success statistics in real time
  • automatic duplicate examination when registering and shipping
  • timed, personalized messages
  • parallel or separated delivery of HTML and text messages
  • automatic returned goods administration

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Solution Example

A major customer wants to process orders using SAP

The TradePro OCI interface allows SAP to access TradePro directly. All products appear in SAP same as defined by you within TradePro. The order is passed from the shopping cart to SAP instantly, and there it will have to pass all SAP release processes as usual.

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