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TradePro Multi Language

To output content multilingual, is very comfortable with TradePro multi-language. Whatever your multilingual online appearance should look like - we have a solution for everything.

In the standard configuration, the TradePro works with copies for each language. Here, every language has its own users table, its own articles tables and individual settings, e.g. for the currency. But sometimes it is the goal of providing the same article data in different languages, so that a customer can change the language easily. The shopping cart and others of the shops main pages are kept same but displayed in the desired frontend language. The configuration of the shop and the customer base is identical for all languages.

Multi Language in practice

​PC-Electric present their multi-language shop in three different languages, ​their product portfolio is comprising CEE plugs, clutches and sockets. The emphasis of their presence is put on the technical data. All variants are maintained with their own images and described in detail in the individual article view of the TradePro.


  • Multiple languages with language change at product level
  • Uniform article assortment
  • One customer management for all languages
  • Login possible via all languages

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Solution Example

Customer has many cost centers and wants to execute budget control

The Miller Ltd. sets up an account for Mr Meyer, who will have all rights to the user system and administration. Mr. Meyer can now add all the purchasing employees with user accounts, assign one or more cost centers to these and set budgets for different periods. If a budget is exceeded, any further order will be sent to Mr. Meyer for approval. The cost center information accompany the entire order processing which facilitates processes on both sides indeed.

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