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TradePro IDS connector

IDS interface - to comfortably order from within craftsmen industries solutions. The IDS interface is used for fast and easy exchange of product information and orders between TradePro and special industries solutions (e.g. craftsman software) of your customers.
TradePro IDS-Connector: enables easy data exchange
TradePro IDS-Connector: enables easy data exchange

Due to the permanent, quality-assured linkage of TradePro and the ERP of your customers, for example, the shopping cart can be sent and received from TradePro without the need for additional login or change of application.

At the push of a button, the created shopping cart is transferred to the special industries solution. Here it can be edited, changed and returned back to TradePro. Upon request, further changes can be made. Finally, the order will be released and an automatic order confirmation will be sent. Double capture of order data is omitted. Adding a deeplink (full link to the article) will improve the customers purchasing experience to a maximum. Your customer can call the desired article in TradePro from his software directly. This is of course not just displayed with all article information and media, but also featuring customer-specific prices, stocks and availabilities, provided this information has been integrated in TradePro (eg with TradePro ERP Direct).

The awkward way of reading data manually thus is completely eliminated and replaced by an efficient electronic order processing. So you will gain a high level of customer trust.

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Solution Example

Customer has many cost centers and wishes Budget Control

The Miller Ltd. sets up access for Mr. Meyer, which has the rights to the user system and administration. Mr. Meyer can now act now all the purchasing employees with a user account, assign them one or more cost centers and set budgets for different periods. If the budget is exceeded, the order will be sent to the release to Mr. Meyer. The cost center information is carried at the entire order processing. This facilitates the processes on both sides.

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