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TradePro ERP Direct

Direct access to on- and offline order data in the shop - with TradePro ERP Direct. The search for offers or invoices has an end with TradePro ERP Direct. Your customer can view all his documents about his shop access and print, regardless of the place or time.
TradePro ERP Direct: The web based interface to ERP-Documents
TradePro ERP Direct: The web based interface to ERP-Documents

at any time the full order information by download

Depending on which ERP system you're running, you can provide different download different formats for your customer. From the individual order confirmation via the delivery note to the invoice, you can offer his documents in PDF format or other special formats.

edit and submit offers online

The TradePro ERP Direct can not only provide static documents for your customers. It is also possible for the customer to download offers, edit them online and either save them directly or as a UGL file. TradePro ERP Direct is a separate module that is set up individually for you by linking with your commodity industry.

the highlights:

  • direct presentation of all documents
  • edit offers online and transform them into orders
  • distinction of different article status, e.g. bearing or order items
  • presentation as a special format possible, e.g. ugl

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Solution Example

Configure and order products online

TradePro OpenConnect makes it possible to determine certain attributes of an article in the Internet shop itself. The article number is generated dynamically on the basis of customer input and placed in the shopping cart. OpenConnect restricts the amount of almost identical products and thus significantly increases the clarity for the customer. The data maintenance must only be made for the basic types.

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