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TradePro eProcurement

The TradePro eProcurement module adds many indispensable eProcurement abilities to TradePro. The new buyer cockpit redefines the roles of and improves the relationships between buyers, cost centers and users. The purchasing manager has full control. For example, he can create accounts for other users and assign cost centers to them. A user like this will then be able to issue purchases for all of these cost centers.
TradePro eProcurement: Cost control and transparency
TradePro eProcurement: Cost control and transparency

Full control of all purchasing processes

Budget can be issued for purchasing, both for individual users and for each cost center. These budgets can be limited to months, years or individually specified periods of time. The buyer can display all data sorted by user or cost center. By summarizing all data in the eProcurement module, it retains a comprehensive overview of all orders made and upcoming orders.

The buyer can release all orders quickly and easily and reject with or without stating reasons. The user applied by the purchasing manager can / must assign the relevant cost center when purchasing in the shopping cart of each order item.

the highlights:

  • no license costs for your customers
  • no cost of third-party providers, e.g. Marketplaces
  • Separation of cost center and orderer
  • integrated budget function
  • integrated release workflow

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Solution Example

Customer has many cost centers and wishes Budget Control

The Miller Ltd. sets up access for Mr Meyer, which has the rights to the user system and administration. Mr. Meyer can now act now all the purchasing employees with a user account, assign them one or more cost centers and set budgets for different periods. If the budget is exceeded, the order will be sent to the release to Mr. Meyer. The cost center information is carried at the entire order processing. This facilitates the processes on both sides.

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