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TradePro Dynamic Search

Dynamic Search is the intelligent search in the TradePro. Gain the absolute control over all search functions. Our search engine solution "TradePro Dynamic Search" is tailored to the special needs of TradePro, supporting all major features of modern search engines, such as the uphears of search terms and articles and the full integration of customers assortments.
TradePro Dynamic Search: The powerful product search
TradePro Dynamic Search: The powerful product search

In addition, you will receive an extended suggest function that allows greater control over the scope and form of search results. After search navigation allows easy activation of multiple selection for any attributes. The rule module allows it, depending on Keywords or choosing categories of various actions such as the redirection to any URL or prioritization of certain articles in the search result. Also, wallpapers can be exchanged or elements from the CMS can be displayed. In this way, complex campaigns can thus be realized. All features can be realized Administer comfortably via the TradePro Backend.


The hit accuracy, e.g. by internal boost, if the search term coincides with the article number or the name, is unsurpassed. Even if concepts follow each other, you automatically get a higher score, whereby composite terms that are separated from each other by spaces are found even better.

Recommendation Campaigns

As a new feature we added recommendation campaigns, which will very much support the customer in searching and guide him to the right purchase step by step. If he looked for "screws" frequently then you could create some recommendation campaign which would support him like asking "for which material screws are you looking for ?". In subsequent steps the campaign would further help to filter the search results by the customers answers to simlar questions. In the end the customer will be able to select from few items only or even already found the product he finally buys.

Free Configuration

The free configuration of the search fields plays an important role here. With just a few clicks, you can define which fields / attributes are considered and assign weights to these to give the relevance of the respective entries for the customers search. In addition, you can configure "search" (user pressed the enter key from within search bar) and "suggest" (user directly clicked on one dropdown in the search bar) here differently.

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Solution Example

Customer has many cost centers and wishes Budget Control

The Miller Ltd. sets up access for Mr Meyer, which has the rights to the user system and administration. Mr. Meyer can now act now all the purchasing employees with a user account, assign them one or more cost centers and set budgets for different periods. If the budget is exceeded, the order will be sent to the release to Mr. Meyer. The cost center information is carried at the entire order processing. This facilitates the processes on both sides.

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