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TradePro CMS

With the TradePro CMS you can comfortably maintain the contents of your website. Via the internet-based TradePro Management Console you can access all sub-areas for managing your web presence. In the Content Manager you can build the structure, the content and the layout of your website according to your wishes. Via the multimedia management you have an overview of the existing image material and supplementary documents.

Content Management - Websites Editorial Prepare with TradePro CMS

A text is not up to date anymore? Just turn it invisible. The TradePro CMS adjusts the structure of your website accordingly. Complex rights management allows you to give specific people access to defined subareas. The integrated release workflow ensures the necessary security: only released content is published on your website. The TradePro Management Console allows you to conveniently control all contents of your website, including multilingual.

News and newsletter homemade

The integrated news module allows you to place your current news on the home page and send a newsletter to a defined recipient list.

TradePro CMS: a full-fledged content management system for your company
TradePro CMS: a full-fledged content management system for your company

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Solution Example

Create web content on your own

Editorial content that complements the product information can be conveniently adjusted via the TradePro CMS by persons without programming knowledge. The integrated newsletter function allows you to initiate regular mails to all recipients on a list as defined by you completely at your discretion.

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