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MeDaPro Work Manager

Let your teams work efficiently with the MeDaPro Work Manager. With this module, you can quickly and easily structure and manage your daily work tasks in MeDaPro. In addition to their active and completed tasks, they have delegates and delayed tasks and their status always in view.
MeDaPro Work Manager: Define and delegate tasks.
MeDaPro Work Manager: Define and delegate tasks.

Work efficiently in a team

Thanks to the split view, you can quickly and efficiently edit a selected task from the list view in the detail view below. In addition, tasks from other teams or employees can be viewed. The Work Manager helps you with your daily work, data maintenance and publications with MeDaPro: Prioritize your tasks, for example, and manage projects to organize tasks with it.

You can create tasks from any module. You can also provide them with a description and file attachments. Add catalog groups, variation groups and articles to the tasks in order to edit them directly including their maintenance status. Or simply search for articles in the Content Editor and create a new task from them.

Information by e-mail or the MeDaPro Cockpit

You are automatically informed about delegated tasks via e-mail. Current task information can be sent to selected users by e-mail at any time. The recipient can open and edit the task from an e-mail or the MeDaPro Cockpit directly in the Work Manager. When sending e-mails, attached articles, catalog groups, variation groups or files are also taken into account, so that the context is always maintained.

Completed delegated tasks are automatically reassigned to the owner and reported back by e-mail. Once the work is done, projects and tasks can be archived, hidden and restored if necessary.

Solution Example

Delegate tasks within teams

Sales Manager Oliver Ames notes that article information is incorporated in a customer catalog unevenly. In addition to inconsistent spellings also missing different product images, even the catalog structure is not perfect.

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