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MeDaPro Webservice

Integration of third-party systems with MeDaPro Webservice. The MeDaPro WebService provides you with all data about your catalogs, catalog structures and their articles. You decide yourself in which format the data should be delivered.
MeDaPro Webservice: Status page in browser
MeDaPro Webservice: Status page in browser

The ITB WebService is the convenient way to access all data from the MeDaPro directly by stream. SOAP and REST with XML or JSON are available. In a comprehensive online library, all functions are documented and accessible as an example individually.

With the web service is the integration of all MeDaPro data (pictures, texts) e.g. in documents created from the ERP or CRM system (for example in offers).

MeDaPro Webservice: API output
MeDaPro Webservice: API output

Once logged in with your MeDaPro access data on the web service, intelligent precaching features ensure that the required information is very fast. With a query both individual data areas such as, for example, the text attributes of an article can be queried as well as all existing information be returned to an article. This will only receive the data required in your application. This reduces the response times of the web service to a minimum.

Also pictures are handed as BASE64 stream or download link and are always available in the latest form.

Solution Example

Translate product data quickly

Marketing Manager Gladys Carver: Miller Ltd. sells its numerous products not only in the German-speaking area, but also overseas and the Far East. Manually translating all data is not possible for us for capacity reasons. We would like to work together with a translation office, or can access text modules for smaller texts.

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