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MeDaPro Publish Direct

Creative advertising brochures in Adobe® InDesign® - the creative way to create automated paper catalogs. MeDaPro Publish Direct is the symbiosis of fast data sheet and demanding print publication. You can select article groups by pressing a button print from the article care mask and publish into the desired Adobe® InDesign® Layout. A MeDaPro Publish license is not necessary to do that.

Defined layouts without error

The Layouts for MeDaPro Publish Direct are individually defined for you and stored for your database. Various projects can be deposited with different layouts, for example for different business units or customers. From the data care mask, each article group is published individually: How to keep full control over the publication process. Your graphic artist can redesign or delete the published article groups on request. There are no limits to imagination here.

Custom print quality

The direct output method will not impair quality: all MeDaPro Publish Direct publications are generated in full publication quality and can be given to print shops on request.


  • directly from MeDaPro one or more article groups in Adobe® InDesign® Publish
  • fixed layouts, i. No knowledge in the construction of templates necessary!
  • multiple projects with different layouts simultaneously storable
  • graphic further processing in Adobe® InDesign® possible

With MeDaPro Publish Direct, you can create printout editions in stored InDesign templates directly from the article maintenance mask.

The issued article group can be supplemented by further article groups on request and graphically processed in InDesign.

Solution Example

Graphically high quality product brochure

Miller Ltd. uses MeDaPro as a product information management system for maintaining your product data. MeDaPro PUBLISH DIRECT publishes the products for the Flyer in the desired basic layout. The graphic artist takes over the individual arrangement of the product groups on the page and can make further changes directly in InDesign.

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