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MeDaPro Publish

Paper catalogs are so far produced in many individual steps with a high manual effort. With MeDaPro you can automatically create paper catalogs from a central database.
MeDaPro Publish: Automated creation of publications
MeDaPro Publish: Automated creation of publications

Paper catalogs - Automated publications with MeDaPro Publish

Database Publishing means that data from the database can be removed and placed directly on the catalog pages: With MeDaPro Publish, the set systems Adobe® InDesign® can be addressed directly and supplied with data. Only at the moment of publishing the current data is output to the selected page template - this is ensured that your publications always contain the latest article information.

Templates customize and assign items

MeDaPro Publish, together with the ITB catalog, define the desired layout, content and format of your catalog. From your article range by drag & drop, select the products that you want to publish in your paper catalog. In cooperation with you, ITB creates various layouts for the template pages, which are then assigned to the desired items - each product will receive its predetermined place.

After the publication, every page can be edited individually at the request - from the ITB department graphic design or your homegrous engineer. Depending on the degree of individualization, an automation level of 100% can be achieved for a catalog created from MeDaPro at product pages. In this way, you can save up to 70% of the cost in the catalog set in the publication - compared to the completely manual structure.

Solution Example

Production of a paper catalog

All data to be displayed later in the catalog are kept centrally in a product information management system. The clerks maintain changes continuously there - so it is ensured that only daily updated data appear in the catalog. The publication of the product pages then takes place at the push of a button automated into one or more previously designed templates. Customer-specific prices can also be accepted.

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