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MeDaPro multichannel connector

You want to dock platforms, shopping systems or similar to MeDaPro? The solution is the Multichannel Connector. It offers the possibility to configure all interfaces of the ITB products and thus provide their data in the LiveStream for third-party systems.

Supply platforms live with catalog data

All ITB interfaces are technically united via the multichannel connector. This includes catalog data and structures, live prices and stocks as well as the delivery of the order to the ERP system. Platforms or systems can access each component as needed. If a hierarchy is to be displayed, the MeDaPro catalog data is accessed. In the article detail view, it is also about the prices and stocks, which are brought from the ERP at this moment.

Output in different languages ​​

Particularly exciting the Multichannel Connector is connected to the Automation Server. This allows a timed output of the desired data without having to intervene manually. The supplied analysis tools allow you to enable the detailed evaluation of the retrieved data so that you can selectively improve your multichannel activities.

Solution Example

Operate live catalog at Simple System

Henry White, the purchasing manager of Industrial Ltd., would like to buy electronically at Miller Ltd.. Like his other suppliers, Miller should provide their catalog at the SIMPLE system platform. Important is important for Mr. White that Miller displays only the negotiated articles and prices from the framework agreement, and an order is also delivered with the Smith order number provided to simplify the later assignment of the delivery.

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