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With the new MeDaPro MAM, the perfect Media asset management system for your MeDaPro, starts a new form of care for your digital media assets. As an optional part of our portal, it is the new central space for your media assets.
MeDaPro MAM: enables media asset maintenance via the browser
MeDaPro MAM: enables media asset maintenance via the browser

Organize, maintain and present your media assets centrally and optimized by browser. In addition to functions, such as uploading new media assets, creating or moving folders to the organization, the MeDaPro Mam offers many Other features to facilitate your work with the Media Assets and MeDaPro.

Flexible Responsive Design uses machining both on PCs and on mobile devices. By selecting multiple media assets in different folders, you have the opportunity to handle several of your media assets completely independent of articles. Media assets that are already used in MeDaPro are clearly marked in MAM, making them easy to identify unused media assets and link to articles in MeDaPro. To simply reduce the number of unused media assets and can provide your articles easily and quickly with new media assets.

MeDaPro MAM: Drag and drop assets as media data
MeDaPro MAM: Drag and drop assets as media data

Do you have new media assets that are not yet linked to an article in MeDaPro? No problem! With our drag & drop function you can use this media asset directly and intuitively from the browser to MeDaPro with an article in Linking MeDaPro. The already collected information and metadata will be automatically transferred to MeDaPro. If you want to offer your media assets in different sizes and qualities for download, you can easily select one or more profiles for converting in MeDaPro, which then also for your MeDaPro MAM can be used.

In order to provide your media assets to your customers or partners, you can use the MeDaPro MAM to create collections of Media Assets and then share them by e-mail. The recipient receives an e-mail with a link with which it opens your MeDaPro MAM directly. The Media Assets you have accessed can then be downloaded as a ZIP file. MeDaPro and MeDaPro MAM together form the perfect symbiosis that make the machining, care and organization of your media assets even easier and more intuitive for you.

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Translate product data quickly

Marketing Manager Gladys Carver: Miller Ltd. sells its numerous products not only in the German-speaking area, but also overseas and the Far East. Manually translating all data is not possible for us for capacity reasons. We would like to work together with a translation office, or can access text modules for smaller texts.

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