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MeDaPro Fast Page Server

Offers from ERP and MEDAPPRO Data Create data with the MeDaPro Fastpage server You know Fastpage as an optimal tool to quickly and efficiently produce price lists, data sheets and custom catalogs on the desktop computer.
MeDaPro FastPage Server: server-based document generation
MeDaPro FastPage Server: server-based document generation

With FastPage Server, you now receive a server-based solution for outputting documents for a variety of applications. The platform inserts fit into your existing ERP and PIM system landscape. Use FastPage Server Technology to issue custom catalogs and labels from your TradePro Or create composed of your ERP illustrated offers with MeDaPro data to present your product portfolio Ideal. Layouts Create and publish Use FastPage on your desktop computer to create at the usual work environment with the designer attractive layouts. You play your own on the push of a button. or layouts contained in the installation on the FASTPAGE server that produces the same high quality outputs.

The span ranges from simple illustrated price lists to expressive catalogs with envelopes, fully automatic content and keyword directories. Link your data from the ERP, MeDaPro and the integrated application such as TradePro in Custom Templates: Personalized Titles, Offering Positions with Attributes and Images from MeDaPro or Labels with specific article numbers and sales prices. Skillful interaction Fastpage Server opens a communication channel that can be integrated in TradePro by default. Thus, your customers add products from the detail views into their own catalog lists or simply create an issue in the specific layout of their choice from the search result, shopping cart, label or favorite list. TradePro sends the request to FastPage Server, which sends your customer the finished output as an e-mail with a download address.


  • Server-based, Performant PDF issues
  • open interface for a variety of applications
  • create and apply layouts with fastpage for fastpage servers
  • Seamless standard integration with TradePro
  • expenses with data from ERP, MeDaPro and integrated use mix
  • Use on ERP for illustrated offers

Solution Example

Buyer-specific catalogs

The Miller Ltd. serves the distribution channels paper catalog and internet shop, which allows your customers to be comfortably ordered. The purchasing experience of the buyer should be linked to the advantages of both channels. The paper catalog is always a faithful companion of the sales representatives in the care of commercial customers.

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