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MeDaPro Fast Page

Quick and on-site produce paper printouts of your data - this is the core competence of MeDaPro Fastpage. Simple price lists through data sheets to complete custom catalog - with just a few clicks can be created printable files. Fastpage is an integral part of the MeDaPro base package and comes with this, it is not available individually.

Price lists & Datasheets - Publish quickly and efficiently with MeDaPro Fastpage

MeDaPro FastPage: Create price lists & data sheets quickly and efficiently
MeDaPro FastPage: Create price lists & data sheets quickly and efficiently

Right from the proven Product Information Management system MeDaPro you can create the following objects:

  • Custom Catalogs
  • Offer lists
  • price lists
  • checklists
  • Datasheets
  • TradePro Scan labels
  • Image Overviews

The seamless link with MeDaPro allows access to always up-to-date databases, which are read out only at the time of publication and transferred to the layout.

Layout flexible customize

Predefined basic layouts allow easy and comfortable application - also for the layman. Advanced users can create their own layouts on request or customize the existing templates according to your wishes. For this purpose, a layout is assigned to the selected catalog, which is adapted as needed and output as a printable file or automatically sent to your own printer. It is also possible to automatically insert a content or keyword directory as well as manual intermediate sides.

Depending on the selected output type, the files can still be edited after creating. Price lists can be read, for example, after creation as an RTF file in MS-Word and be integrated there into customer-specific offers.

Publish suitable for your target groups

Due to the intelligent output sorting of MeDaPro Fastpage, you can arrange your data as well as the content or keyword directory for any criteria and optimally prepare for your target groups.

The separation of layout and product range, you can create fast and flexible different publications in the same layout - each provided with specific assortment and prices



  • Output to printer
  • Output as PDF
  • acquisition in Word
  • Insert Custom Envelopes
  • Automated creation of content and keyword list

Solution Example

Offer shops for the dealers

The company Billings Ltd. regularly refers to Miller Ltd.. Special quotes that Miller defines each month for certain products, Meyer and the other regular customers are now being sent every month - preferably in the form of a clear, illustrated price list that can create the sales representatives in the short term.

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