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Business processes within the company get faster and yet more effective because tedious order acceptances by phone, fax and e-mail are replaced. This will help you save time and money on daily transactions.

EDI / E-commerce - send documents with ConnectPro automatically

With ConnectPro you can connect your ERP system to those of your partners and customers without compromising functions or security. ConnectPro is adaptable across industries and can be used both as a connector and as a converter (e.g. EDIFACT to XML) in a big variety of scenarios. Its options are almost unlimited. E.g. incoming messages can be forwarded to other partners, like to the ERP system of a portal customer.

Graphical User Interface

The web-based user interface makes it easy to configure, manage and monitor ConnectPro over the internet. All message types are configured in a tree structure and can be forwarded or saved using import and export functions. Incoming messages and templates are simply edited and adjusted with the integrated editor. PlugIns support different dialects. The log file is clearly displayed in tabular form.

Transactions can be tracked with the administration functions. You can intervene in the processes in a targeted manner. Transaction security is guaranteed throughout - all incoming and outgoing messages can be checked.

Standard transactions and multi-dialect capability

The business connector masters the most important standard transactions right after its installation. The tedious editing of workflows is no longer necessary and makes commissioning easy. An extensive library of data formats, which can be expanded at any time, covers the most common data formats / dialects.

Connection to internet shop closes the data cycle

The TradePro internet shop offers a convenient shopping environment to your customers so their systems can be seamlessly connected to your data cycle via ConnectPro. The connection is easy: fill your internet shop with your product data. Your customer can access your shop from the Internet or alternatively directly from his ERP system via the OCI interface. In both cases, the search for product groups and products takes place in a clear hierarchical system. Useful functions such as the Product Finder lift up the shopping experience. The products can be placed in the shopping cart at the push of a button. Dispatch to the customer's ERP takes place in openTRANS format. The usual processes such as approvals and budget controls can be executed there. If the order is approved, it is connected to your ERP system directly by ConnectPro and can be processed automatically. In sum, time and costs are again saved through the sensible link to the Internet shop.

The highlights at a glance:

  • multi-partner - unlimited number of partner connections
  • multi-dialect - unlimited number of data formats / message types
  • flexibly adaptable to different requirements
  • secure transactions through atomicity
  • platform independent
  • event handling
  • sophisticated template technology with a powerful macro language for individual customization

Solution example

Transfer orders to the ERP system

ConnectPro is used to link the ERP system of Miller and its suppliers and customers. Orders addressed to Miller are converted into the format required by Miller's ERP and processed automatically. In return, a shipping notification is created, which is converted into the target format via ConnectPro and sent to the respective recipient.

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