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Paper Catalog References

Afag Automation AG: Feeding Technology Components Catalog

The Afag Automation AG catalog with 170 pages was created with 4 different layouts.


The "Price List Components" from ACO Passavant AG includes 6 different layouts in 540 pages. The price list has been printed 300 times.

Ammon Beschläge-Handels GmbH: Build fittings design & technology

Ammon Beschläge-Handels GmbH has created a catalog called "Baubeschläge Design & Technik" with 5 different layouts. The catalog has 1,330 pages and was printed in an edition of 4,500 copies.

Creabeton Baustoff AG: Construction Materials Catalog

The Creabeton price list catalog with 530 pages was created with 2