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The Amor Group is one of the most successful, vertically integrated jewelry suppliers in Europe. Founded in 1978, around 1,300 people work for the Amor Group today. Gold and silver, sparkling gemstones, gorgeous pearls - real jewelery is her passion. High quality, excellent service and a high level of expertise are part of her self-image.

Amor GmbH
Kanaltorplatz 1
DE-63450 Hanau
Telephone: +49 6181-30090-0

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Berger Schuhe & Sport is a family-run shoe, sports and fashion shop with tradition. It all started when Hansruedi Berger took over his father's one-man shoemaking business in a small workshop in Oberdorf in Konolfingen in 1953.

Berger Schuhe & Sport AG
Haldenweg 1
CH-3510 Konolfingen
Phone: +41 31 791 06 53

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Fine knives, tools and appropriate training are the craft of Dictum.

Gottlieb-Daimler-Str. 3
94447 Plattling, Germany
Telephone: +49 9931 4058-100
Fax: +49 9931 4058-101

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 Fuchs-Movesa AG is one of the largest and most renowned trading and service companies in the bicycle, sports and outdoor sectors in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein.

Fuchs-Movesa AG
Hübelacherstrasse 7
CH-5242 Lupfig
Phone: +41 56 464 46 46
Fax: +41 56 464 46 47

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 GPR AG is one of the leading bicycle manufacturers and suppliers of spare parts in Switzerland.

Neugrütstrasse 4B
CH-8610 Uster
Phone: +41 44 944 93 93

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Today, Narimpex with its production facilities in Biel and in Därstetten (Simmental) is an internationally renowned producer of a diverse range of premium products, which include honey, dried fruit, nuts, kernels and syrup on the one hand and Swiss Organic aromatic herbs, Swiss organic tea and exclusive Swiss specialties.

Narimpex AG
Schwanengasse 47
CH-2501 Biel
Phone: +41 32 366 62 62

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In 1984 the company Neomat AG founded the profit center Neogard. This started with the production and sale of greenhouses and cold frames in Reinach AG. These products were very well received by customers, which resulted in the range being expanded. The profit center was then converted into an independent AG in 1988, today's Neogard AG.

Neogard AG
Industriestrasse 783
CH-5728 Gontenschwil
Phone: +41 62 767 00 50
Fax: +41 62 767 00 67

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The Paul Lange & Co. OHG is one of the leading companies in the European bicycle industry.
The Stuttgart-based company has been the German general agent for the world-famous Shimano components since 1967 and now represents 20 other well-known bicycle brands such as Ambrosio or Zéfal.

Paul Lange & CO. OHG
Hofener Straße 114
D-70372 Stuttgart
Telephone: +49 711-2588-02
Fax: +49 711-2588-305

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