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Mission statement

Mission statements represent a symbolic consensus on the structural and cultural form desired in the future. They are the images of the island beyond the horizon, an initial concretization of the vision.

Our mission statement, the vision of ITB, evolved during the course of two and a half years - compiled by the entire team in numerous workshops and discussion rounds, accompanied by two experienced company coaches.

More than 40 expressions of ideals and wishes, such as joy and team spirit, appreciation and respect, make up the basic structure of the mission statement text, which stands strong as a vision and goal for the ideal cooperation and communication in our company called ITB.

itb - This is us

We form a community that unites the same goal. A community supported by our diverse ideals. We treat each other and our customers openly and lovingly.

We think and act as an individual part of the team. To appreciate people and to experience friends together at our work is inspiring for us and inspires us. We support each other in doing excellent work - sincerely and on equal footing.

We are convinced that benevolent feedback motivates people to keep surpassing themselves.
The opportunity to learn freely and develop allows us live well.

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