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At four locations in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, our employees support and develop the product range of ITB-GmbH. The head office of ITB-GmbH is located in the Dieprahm technology park in Kamp-Lintfort in the midst of a nature reserve. The light-flooded buildings offer the ideal atmosphere to productively take care of our customers' concerns.

In 2011, ITB-Swiss AG was founded in beautiful Steinhausen, about 30 km from Zurich, Switzerland. Since then, the Swiss customers of ITB-GmbH have been looked after by our experts from this location. ITB-Austria GmbH resides in Wiener Neudorf near Vienna since 2015, so that our customers in Austria can benefit from our competent specialists directly on site. In 2019, our branch in Ludwigsburg near Stuttgart was added, which takes care of southern German customers.

ITB historic records

PIM Practice Days Online with 150 participants
2019 New project management office in Ludwigsburg near Stuttgart
2018 Opening of PIER 42 at the Kamp-Lintfort site
2018 Presentation of the MeDaPro Online System at the PIM Practice Days in Stuttgart
2018 ITB welcomes its 75th employee
2018 ITB wins first wholesaler in France as a customer
2017 Foundation of ITB-Nordic in Sweden
2017 Move into the second ITB building in Kamp-Lintfort
2016 ITB wins another sanitary wholesaler in Austria as a customer
2016 The Work Manager ensures effective working with many employees in MeDaPro
2015 Foundation of ITB-Austria GmbH
2015 Presentation of the TradePro CMS 2015
2015 Start of construction of the ITB Campus in Kamp-Lintfort
2015 MeDaPro Publish automatically publishes multilingual catalogue in one edition
2014 PIM Practice Days in Bremen with two days of programme
2014 Presentation of TradePro 14.0 with Responsive Design
2014 Integration of ETIM into MeDaPro
2014 ITB becomes ETIM member
2013 ITB welcomes its 50th employee
2013 PIM Practice Days in Essen with 120 participants
2013 ITB moves into the GAZ with space for another 38 employees
2012 ITB now has more than 40 employees
2012 Purchase of a further plot of land with 6,000 sqm
2012 ITB launches the fourth generation MeDaPro
2011 Foundation of ITB-Swiss AG
2010 Integration of the FactFinder search engine as a standard plug-in
2010 ITB welcomes 75 customers at the PIM Practice Days in Krefeld
2009 ITB moves into a developer centre with another four new workstations
2009 MeDaPro and TradePro are introduced in versions 10
2008 Presentation of the integrated translation memory in MeDaPro
2008 New concept and presentation of the eProcurement functionalities in the Internet shop TradePro
2007 ITB now has more than 20 employees
2007 Presentation of the MeDaPro module MeDaPro Publish for the automated publication of paper catalogues in Adobe InDesign.
2006 Move to the newly built company building in Kamp-Lintfort on the Lower Rhine
2005 Presentation of the field-tested programmes MeDaPro 6.0 and TradePro 6.5
2004 Presentation of the standard EDI software ConnectPro
2003 Multilingual publication from MeDaPro in Chinese and Cyrillic
2002 ITB becomes certification partner of the BME
2002 Start of the annual user days for our customers
2002 Integration of internet-based product maintenance in MeDaPro
2001 ITB is one of the first exhibitors at eProcure in Nuremberg
2001 Production of the first paper catalogue with over 1000 pages from MeDaPro
1999 Introduction of the TradePro internet ordering centre
1999 Production of the first database-supported paper catalogue based on MeDaPro
1998 Presentation of the SelectPro product configurator
1997 Introduction of the first database-supported website for a client
1997 Relocation of the company to the Micro Electronic Centrum in Duisburg (today TECTRUM)
1996 Company founded by Frank Quinders and Andreas Nicolai and creation of the first standard software System 12

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